New page about Lordi's visual style
March 6, 2015
We've removed the Outfits page and created a brand new page about Lordi's visual style! Outfits, logos, stage show, publicity... More stuff will be updated in the page soon. Check it out!

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Lordi posing for a 2015 Rock Hard promotional’s pictures
March 5, 2015
During the tour the band went to be photographed for a 2015 Rock Hard promotional's pictures. Check out sharp group picture of Lordi and single picture of Mr L here!

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Hella and Amen in Neo Magazin Royale
February 22, 2015
Lordi spotted in German TV-show once again! Last time Mana, Mr L and Hella confused a German TV-show Circus HalliGalli on October 2014. This time Hella and Amen joined the surprise selfie in Neo Magazin Royale. Check it out:

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Little news from Hella
February 21, 2015
There's currently six monsters on the tour! Hella has revealed the reason for the new dress addition in her outfit. She wrote the following on her Facebook page earlier this week:

If you have been wondering why Hella has become chubby and is wearing an extra piece of clothing... I have a baby monster growing inside of me, nearly 5 months old. I will be playing gigs as long as I can, maybe just a little less wild on stage ;)

So Hella will of course take a break for the baby and will be temporarily replaced for the live shows if the band won't take a little break too.

Someones might noticed that there's a little tribute for Hella's situation in the current stage show:

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Tour Force One on official Blu-ray/ DVD & CD?
February 11, 2015
How about a full live show from Tour Force One on official Blu-ray/ DVD & CD? The latest Lordi live DVD was released in 2007. Now it's your change to show the label AFM Records the potential of this idea! All you need to do is sign this petition:…

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SF1 merchandise - exclusively on the tour!
February 10, 2015
As always, there's a lot of new Lordi stuff that can be bought exclusively on the tour only. If there's some left after Tour Force One, those can be later purchased from Rokkikauppa. Here's a nice shot of the official SF1 merchandise stand by Andy Friedemann:

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First photos and videos from the tour
February 3, 2015
Check out the new setlist here! Wanna have a peek in the new stage and tricks of Tour Force One? Here's some pictures!

Warsaw, Poland:

Berlin, Germany:

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Tour has started - LORDI Army being updated!
February 2, 2015
Tour Force One has started last night from Poland and is about to continue tonight in Germany. During the tour we are updating our homepage fully with new stuff and lay-out. Stay tuned for more info about the tour and the website!

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