Hella's greetings
May 17, 2015
Hella wrote the following message about upcoming shows on her Facebook page:

Looks like summer is almost here in Finland!! Lordi has a couple of shows confirmed in June and August - unfortunately I will not be on stage...but don't worry, a creepy keyboardist from the same toybox as Hella is there to replace me!

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Hella will be temporarily replaced for the summer festivals
May 11, 2015
Amen has now confirmed that the band has started the rehearsals for the summer festivals with so far unknown keyboardist who will temporarily replace Hella. Hella won't be able to play on the festivals because she will soon give birth.

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Summer festivals coming
April 29, 2015
Summer is coming and so are the summer festivals! So far Lordi has confirmed two festival dates:

June 06 - OC-1 Festival / Rovaniemi, Finland (tickets)
August 08 - Rockfels / Loreley, Germany (tickets)

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Firebrand's Rock & Metal Express with OX
April 23, 2015
Check out new interview with OX on Firebrand's Rock & Metal Express Issue 3! Talking about Tour Force One, Eurovision Song Contest and Lordi army.. The magazine can be found free online, with OX on the pages 12 and 13:

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LORDI Army Spain
April 9, 2015
Attention all the Spanish Monstermaniacs! Your local fan club LORDI Army Spain serves now on Facebook and Twitter!

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Lordi performing in Eurovision Greatest Hits concert
April 5, 2015
Lordi's 2015 performance of their 2006 Eurovision winning song in Eurovision Greatest Hits concert is now available in YouTube. Check it out:

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"House of Ghosts" is the new promo single
April 2, 2015
Lordi's new promotional single from Scare Force One is "The House of Ghosts". The single is in the "Rautaa vai Roskaa?" ("Rock or Crap?") poll on Finnish Radio Rock for this week. You can leave your vote here.

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Lordi performs Hard Rock Hallelujah tonight
March 31, 2015
Lordi is taking a day-off from the tour because they are performing in Eurovision Greatest Hits concert tonight in London! The concert features the most famous winning acts of the contest.

The show will be broadcast over Easter and beyond in Australia (SBS), Austria (ORF), Belgium (VRT & RTBF), Bulgaria (BNT), Denmark (DR), Finland (YLE), France (France 2), Greece (NERIT), Iceland (RÚV), Ireland (RTÉ), Israel (IBA), Norway (NRK), Portugal (RTP), Romania (TVR), Russia (C1R), San Marino (SMRTV), Slovenia (RTVSLO), Sweden (SVT), Switzerland (SRF), Spain (RTVE) and the United Kingdom (BBC).

The Tour Force One continues tomorrow.

Also check out the third and last part of Twilight Magazine's interview with Mr L:

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Mike James Rock Show interviewing Mana
March 29, 2015
Check out new radio interview with Mana by Mike James Rock Show. Available on YouTube!

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New video interview with Mr L and Hella
March 25, 2015
FI Musica, a website about Finnish music, has interviewed Mr L and Hella after the show in Belgium on March 11. This such a normal Lordi interview becomes very exclusive since this is the very first video interview with Hella available!

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